Our Dream
"Challenge by Choice" isn't just a catch phrase or a nifty title to us - it is a philosophy and a way of life in which everyday we seek out challenge and choose to accept it.
Lets discuss what 'challenge by choice means to us and write it all out here.

We can reference who first coined the phrase along with our history with Outward Bound the values we share.

We can list out a few reasons why we seek out challenge in the things we do and what we get out of it:
  • How many years experience you have
  • Your skills
  • Your qualifications
  • Local areas you cover
  • Your policies
  • Any additional services you offer
  • Why people should choose you
We can talk about modern society and the fact that most people shy away from challenge and choose to be content with their comfort. we can also mention all the distractions of modern life which we feel inhibit people from fully experiencing their lives and creating an inability to fully get to know and understand ones full potential / limits.
We can cap off by talking about passion and how it invigorates life and that we are not trying to sell something or influence ideas or change the world, we are trying to share with everyone the idea that life is only hard if you want it to be - difficulties can be faced with a multitude af attitudes and it is up to individuals to decide on how they interact with their own life, their own challenges - will they choose to accept them or will the choose to avoid them or will the actively seek them out.

Then the below photo should be us on our first climb in a position of challenge - snow cave? crossing a crevasse?.